24 March 2016

Homebrew 6

Homebrew 6 Available 25 March, 2015 Steve Howe is happy to announce the availability of the latest edition of Homebrew series: Homebrew 6. The Homebrew series started with Homebrew 1 twenty years ago. The 18 tracks on Homebrew 6 are presented in their original recorded form and have never before been released. The CD booklet... Read More
30 June 2015

In Remembrance of Chris

It’s hard to imagine the future without Chris! I sense that he will be in our thoughts & minds for sometime. He was a one-off, larger than life human being, who brought a serious amount to everything he was part of. Long may his memory resonate through the lands. —Steve Howe
11 March 2015

New Interview and Playlist

“I’ve probably made three or four albums … which kind of cover a lot of things that I do, but … none more … than Beginnings and The Steve Howe Album, because of the orchestral element that was mixed with the country picking and the rock ‘n’ roll. Fundamentally I’m a rock guitarist. Just one... Read More
08 March 2015

Guitar Rondo: All New for 2015

In celebration of the upcoming release of Steve’s new album, Anthology, this site has been updated and re-launched. Read Steve’s updated Biography, listen to tracks from all of his albums, watch selected videos, and keep track of Steve’s tour dates. Enjoy!
04 February 2015

Anthology Release Announced

LOS ANGELES – Guitarist Steve Howe played an integral role in shaping the sound of Yes and Asia, two of the world’s most beloved and successful progressive rock bands. The gifted guitarist has also enjoyed a long and prolific career as a solo artist with more than a dozen studio albums to his credit. Howe... Read More
04 February 2015

Anthology Tour Announced

In support of the release of his new two-disc album, “Anthology“, Steve Howe will appear at some of his favorite spots around England beginning 1 April, 2015. For ticket and venue information, please visit the following sites: 1st – Buxton, Pavilion Arts Centre / 0845 127 2190 2nd – Selby, Selby Town Hall / 01757... Read More
Westwinds // Anthology
  1. Westwinds // Anthology
  2. Walk Don’t Run // Anthology
  3. Ultra Definition // Anthology
  4. The Collector // Anthology
  5. Surface Tension // Anthology
  6. So Bad // Anthology
  7. Sketches In The Sun // Anthology
  8. Simplication // Anthology
  9. Sharp On Attack // Anthology
  10. Sensitive Chaos // Anthology
  11. Running The Human Race // Anthology
  12. Rising Sun // Anthology
  13. Pleasure Stole The Night // Anthology
  14. Pennants // Anthology
  15. Mood For A Day // Anthology
  16. Momenta // Anthology
  17. Meridan Strings // Anthology
  18. Maiden Voyage // Anthology
  19. Luck Of The Draw // Anthology
  20. Lost Symphony // Anthology
  21. Look Over Your Shoulder // Anthology
  22. King’s Ransom // Anthology
  23. Just Like A Woman // Anthology
  24. Ebb And Flow // Anthology
  25. Dorothy // Anthology
  26. Diary Of A Man Who Vanished // Anthology
  27. Devon Blue // Anthology
  28. Desire Comes First // Anthology
  29. Curls & Swirls // Anthology
  30. Buckets of Rain // Anthology
  31. Beginnings // Anthology
  32. Bachians Brasileiras No. 5 (Aria) // Anthology