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11 April 2016

US Summer Tour Dates for YES


YES have announced our tour dates for this year’s summer tour of the US.

You’ll find ticket links and more information at our band site, yesworld.com.

See you soon!


27   Columbus, OH    Ohio State Fair
30   Atlantic City, NJ    Tropicana
31   Bethlehem, PA Sands    Event Center
2   Lewiston, NY    Artpark
4   Lynn, MA    Lynn Auditorium
5   Wallingford, CT    Oakdale Theatre
6   Westbury, NY    Theatre at Westbury
9   Staten Island, NY   St. George Theatre
10   Englewood, NJ    Bergen Performing Arts Center
12  Port Chester, NY    The Capitol Theater
13   Morristown, NJ     Morristown Performing Arts Center
16   Washington, DC    Warner Theatre
17   Munhall, PA    Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall
19   Sterling Heights, MI    Freedom Hill Amp.
20  Chicago, IL    Copernicus Center
21  Milwaukee, WI    Pabst Theater
24   Denver, CO    Paramount Theatre
26   Anaheim, CA    The Grove
27   Las Vegas, NV    Downtown Event Center
28   Santa Barbara, CA    Arlington Theatre
30   Los Angles, CA    Orpheum Theater
31   Saratoga, CA    The Mountain Winery
2   Reno, NV    Silver Legacy Casino
3   Paso Robles, CA    Vina Robles Winery
4   San Diego, CA    Humphrey’s

12 Responses

  1. Brien Comerford

    “Tales” live and “Drama” live will be incredible. This will be a great tour and Steve’s indefatigable energy and masterful guitar prowess will be on display. This show will be all killer and no filler.

  2. Chris M

    Hi. I’ve been a big Yes fan since 1971! Very excited about the tour. I am curious about how the band is going to handle the loss of Chris Squire. Also, will Jon Anderson be touring?

  3. Ron Gibson

    Steve. My wife and I are traveling from Honolulu to Denver to see YES (front row – meet and greet) for a second time. We saw YES the last two times around in Honolulu. And I saw YES in Chicago – circa 1977. Whatever songs you perform will be awesome. But, if I may request the band play “Starship Trooper” (and extend your solo at the end of “Würm” as long as you like). It would make our vacation perfect.

  4. Guy Plante


    Can we hope for a stop in Montréal ,Canada sometime soon???
    I saw Tales live many,,many years ago and it would be a real treat to see it again!

  5. Eric Townsend

    Steve was awesome in Paso Robles last night! It was a little chilly and the crowd was comatose but he was awesome! I was taken back 40 years from seeing him “In the Round” at the Fabulous Forum in LA in 1975.
    Thank you Steve!

    1. Eric townsend

      Correction, it was 1978. Fall I think

      Addendum2 – for Steve. The day after the Paso Robles concert, you and your wife were in a CVS store in Atascadero and you visited with my wife for a bit. She tried to call me so I could say “hi” to you but I wasn’t near my phone. ?
      I’ve got a lot of great photos of you and the others from that 1978 concert. Many are mounted and have been on the walls of many of my homes for years!
      I’m sure you have thousands of photos of yourself from those days but if you’d like my favorite, I’ll send you the one I printed and mounted back in 1978. A gift for all the amazing enjoyment I’ve received from you and the band.

  6. F Conforti

    What a treat to see Steve in a historic 18th century church last night. We are on vacation from the US and were lucky enough to catch the first night of his UK solo tour in such an intimate setting. The show was a mix of new and old (Yes) material- outstanding!!!!

  7. Art Menichiello

    Steve, it was great seeing you at the Paramount in Denver on 24 August, and great meeting you and the rest of Yes! Third year in a row, after a 38 years of not seeing Yes! First time was 12 June 1976, at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia PA, with 100,000 others.

    You and Yes were great this year (as always!) but it was even better seeing/hearing from the second row. I’m just amazed at the excellence of your playing, I so enjoyed it!

    I don’t know what it was, but I could hear the influence of some of the classic guitarists you’ve mentioned you enjoy. Maybe I was just more “in the zone” this year. Take care, and hope to see you next year in Denver area. Any chance of a solo U.S. tour sometime soon, BTW?

  8. Brendan Charles

    Steve, I greatly enjoyed your solo show in Edinburgh on Saturday night (15/10/16). What an epic “Roundabout”! It was my first Yes-related event since the Camden Arts Festival at the Roundhouse in, I think, 1971. That must have been an early gig for you – if indeed you were on board. You played “My White Bicycle” – to my delight. Knowing what became of the other Tomorrow members, I am curious to know what musical path Junior Woods followed. Can you enlighten me? All I can pick up from the internet is that he may have briefly been in Vinegar Joe…
    Cheers, Brendan

  9. Hi Steve
    I hope you can respond to this inquiry. I contacted Theo Scharpach and I’m purchasing a guitar from him. According to Theo’s website you also are an owner of a Scharpach. I’d like to get your opinion of his guitars.
    All the best

  10. Armando Farina

    YES and Steve certainly are one from the best union we could see.
    We grew up listening their sounds and compositions.
    The oportunity I had to see them in Brazil, Porto Alegre last years was unforgetable.
    I hope to see them again. Simply AMAZING !

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