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Motif Volume 2

  Motif Volume 2, a brand new solo release from YES guitar maestro, Steve Howe. Steve explains the concept of the Mofif series of releases:... Read More
December 2023

Farewell to Julian Bream

Julian Bream has been the most respected of British musicians, over the course of the last 60 years. His expressive classical guitar performances, alone or with top... Read More
August 2020
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The Headlands

Check out “The Headlands“, a brand-new track from Steve’s upcoming Album, LOVE IS.
June 2020

New Album: LOVE IS

My new solo album is titled LOVE IS. It’s an equal balance of guitar instrumentals and songs, which presents a symmetric balance of the things... Read More
February 2020
Homebrew 7
The Glider // Homebrew 7
  1. The Glider // Homebrew 7
  2. October // Homebrew 7
  3. Halfway // Homebrew 7