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04 December 2023

Motif Volume 2


Motif Volume 2, a brand new solo release from YES guitar maestro, Steve Howe.

Steve explains the concept of the Mofif series of releases: “The MOTIF idea pulls together my solo guitar writing and performances combining new tunes and refreshed and revisited studio performances of other tunes. My solo guitar tunes combine country picking with classical guitar pieces that have broader influences, jazz, rock, flamenco and folk, they’ve all been absorbed in my approach to writing and playing. It’s 15 years since Volume 1 was released so it’s delightful to announce the release of MOTIF Volume Two. Again I present some new tunes and further explore pulling the selection together to present a clear focus on  all things ‘solo guitar’. I record these myself onto a hard drive and then work on selecting takes and giving the sound some due consideration. Assembling the running order and then the final mastering means it’s on to the sleeve information and design. Soon it’s a ‘wrap’ and you’re holding it in your hand! “



Track listing: SIDE A: Cross Country; Mood For A Day; In The Course Of A Day; Surface Tension; The Valley Of Rocks; Tailpiece; Hint Hint – SIDE B: Oceans Cadenza; Pumpkin Pickin’; All’s A Chord; Cactus Boogie; Honey Creek; Pyramidology; The Little Gallard; Cascade; Beginnings.


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