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16 May 2016


The problems I had with my equipment last night in Utrecht were with the POWER SUPPLY, not the Line 6 amp & pedal board!

Without a clean and stabilized supply of electricity, this excellent equipment will not work properly.

I was extremely disappointed that this affected the my performance.

Steve Howe


13 Responses

  1. Dion Goewie

    I was in front of you and you’re a God to me. I love Yes for about 30 years, it gives me happines and I even got 3 tattoos of Yes. I saw you and your supply had these problems and you were annoyed, but you and the crew were doing what they could. Still I think the show was good enough to film with my phone and I loved it, till the moment you put your foot twice in my camera. My God, what was happening? I loved the show, I was filming my favorite band, the best guitar player and you gave me your foot. I do understand you were annoyed because of the problems and I hope it will be better in other shows.I hope you understand it changed my mood too, but still think you’re a great player and I loved your show in Utrecht. Sorry I couldn’t film any more clips of the album Fragile. The album I knew first and sometimes really helped me in my youth, just by listening. One of my tattoos.

  2. Tom Matlosz

    My Line 6 DT-50 did fail on me at a gig. The power transformer and two power capacitors had to be replaced and it was out of warranty.

  3. Victor

    I Saw you In Paris friday Night you were awesome but I hope you remember me I went with a friend And by an incredible coincidence we could have 2 places for the backstage between The two parts we were the youngest over there I told you that you were the Best for me and my greatest inspiration but I was so confuesed to have the genius you are just before my eyes but I’ve also see that you were less accesible than the rest of the band Who was very kind too but I can understand how it’s boaring to see fans Who always say the same thing after each show :/

  4. Nick Gibbs

    It must have been incredibly frustrating for you with the power causing those problems, I was able to see close up the efforts you and your techies were going to trying to correct the situation as I was sat in the small front row, immediately behind your guitar tech. Being in such close proximity to the band was an absolute privilege (and the highlight of the seven gigs I attended this tour) Whilst there were the difficulties already mentioned, the concert was not diminished for me in any way, as the problems were outweighed by being able to see the interaction between the band.
    Was the problem in Heart of The Sunrise in Brussels the previous evening also power related?
    Looking forward to seeing you at your solo show at the Colston Hall Lantern in October. Have a good (issue free)rest of this tour.

  5. Paul


    I attended this concert in Utrecht. Yes, I saw immediately you had some gear problems. In fact, the issues went on during the whole first set. Yes, I can imagine this must be utterly annoying and frustrating. During the break you came back on stage to try to solve the problems. Sure, you can expect people to photograph you as you are the legendary guitarplayer… Hereafter you decided to yell at the audience roughly that you didn’t want to be photographed any longer, ‘or I won’t work’. That was really unpleasant. I mean, you can be there because the audience is there, right? When the second part of the show began, the problems seemed solved…but your mood wasn’t. At least you could have said something like: sorry guys, I had some severe problems just now, let’s rock this place (or whatever). You didn’t…at all. On this site you say it was all about the power supply and that it frustrated YOU… ok, fine… I believe that. But it surprises me there was apparently no second in Utrecht you realized all those people in the audience had paid for the ticket to see you and the band, not to be yelled at. You could at least have said one tiny thing to show your appreciation and respect for them, their patience and loyalty to the band.

    … Steve, no hard feelings… I thank you for your inspiration and beautiful music…

  6. Ian

    i wasn’t at this show but it sounds like Steve was obviously frustrated and concerned about the power supply and i’m sure the last thing he wanted was people taking photos and filming. why can’t people just enjoy the moment??

  7. Brien Comerford

    I have met Steve Howe several times before and after concerts and he is very polite, modest and refined. Guitarists as brilliant as Steve Howe, Brian May and Jeff Beck are perfectionists. They rightfully get upset if equipment or power problems harm and/or distort their riffs, tones and sound. Steve never has an off night in reference to his consistently brilliant mastery of the electric, acoustic and pedal steel guitar.

  8. Kyle


    When are you coming to Texas?

    I’m an engineer, specialize in power. Sometimes a supply just doesn’t cooperate. That’s why your technicians should carry two or even three. Never troubleshoot at a show. Heck include a (or 2)battery backup (converter->battery->inverter) in your gear so even if the house voltage or frequency is all over the page, your equipment will always have pure reliable AC. Your techs should know that. Insist.

  9. E.M.

    Steve Howe is a genius, and an intense and fascinating person. He has gone through a lot this year, with losing Chris and everything, and is understandably feeling very down right now. He should be respected!!

  10. Kyle

    Thank you for responding E.M. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. We all lose people we know and love. At 56, I too have lost a few and there will be more this year. I have also been supporting Steve and Yes from 1969, through the 70’s and beyond buying their albums the day they came out. Dug all the original members (not crazy about the new ones).

    Respect? I’ve been playing Steve for over 40 years, and still can’t keep up with him. I don’t think he’s as fragile as you make him sound with all this “he has gone through a lot” business. Even from a Texan, I would bet he is a tough bird. I get what you’re saying though. I’m not a star struck kid anymore, but am still a big fan.

    Steve knows guitars and chords and scales well, but I know reliable electrical power, designing systems for years. No it is the person responsible for providing Steve with the AC he needed that I have little respect for (Steve’s techs, the venue’s electrician, whoever). I take responsibility of my clients seriously. I am responsible for CRITICAL reliable power, way beyond the needs a musician might have. So when I learn that any event suffered due to power, I become shocked, especially when the prevention is so simple. If Steve was my client, at every show, I would set up a table off stage with a spare of every device he uses, and probably 2 battery backup power supplies. If something starts misbehaving, I would have it replaced before Steve could scratch his head.

    I happen to be on a job in Oregon, hope I can catch you in California this fall Steve.

  11. Kyle

    Well, after re-reading my comment, I must confess that when I attend the occasional concert now, I AM a star struck kid again. It’s great!

    By the way Steve, I still poke around and restore old amps, radios, phonographs, anything with tubes in it for a hobby. Hope you still have and play your Twin Reverbs, or at least gave them a good home; those and the Deluxe Reverb’s are still the best, by far.

  12. Chris F

    Steve, I hope you will publish sheet music for your solo version of “To Be Over” from Montreaux 2003. Thank You!

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