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30 May 2016

Homebrew 6 Tour

Homebrew 6Steve is pleased to announce dates for his October tour to celebrate the release of Homebrew 6, his latest album, and the sixth release in the Homebrew series.  Steve’s tour will take him to Landmark Arts Centre, Salisbury Arts Centre, St. John’s Church, The Quay Theatre, Band on the Wall, The Jazz Café, City Varieties, The Queen’s Hall, Otley Court House, Colston Hall, The 1865, Lancaster Priory, Rhosygilwen, and Civic Centre.

Of Homebrew 6, Steve says:

“’20 years on since the first volume of Homebrew, I am especially pleased to have compiled a rounded release covering material for bands and my solo albums, here in  their original form, at the point where the writing defines my feelings and possibilities of these particular pieces, before they’ve been rearranged for general release.”

For a complete list of dates and links to purchase tickets, please visit the tour page.


11 Responses

  1. Brien Comerford

    The Homebrew tour will be fascinating. We all know that Steve is even better live than he is on his incessantly skillful and visionary Cd’s. His guitar playing continues to expand and explore new musical directions. A multi-talented and eclectic guitarist and musician such as Steve Howe is always worth seeing in a live concert setting. Plaudits for Steve !!!!!!!!!

    1. rick

      As a whole…our country has a limited interest in serious music, and I would imagine that the task of booking venues, traveling expenses, and the total ticket sale numbers are all factors. Another factor might be that about ten years ago I brought my young sons to see Steve in a small club, and the amount of crowd talk during his quiet pieces was totally embarrassing. The pouring of beer bottles from one garbage can to another from behind the bar was enough to visibly see Steve cringe, and after about the third crash of bottles that was in the middle of Mood For a Day, Steve leaned into the mike and said with disgust “I guess it’s and added effect”. How sad! USA where dumb is fashionable and intelligence is on the endangered list.

  2. Brien Comerford

    I have been to so many concerts. And the three best guitarists are British Animal Loving vegetarians. In no order.

    Steve Howe- The master of diversity.
    Jeff Beck- The master of electric guitar virtuosity.
    Brian May- The master of tones and majestic riffs.

    God bless these humane guitar luminaries.

  3. Allan Martin

    Steve was on top form last night at St John’s Church,Godleming,great venue,Steve was relaxed and i think he enjoyed himself,can’t wait till Homebrew 7 for more of the same.

  4. ian

    the shows so far have been fatastic. a diverse selection of tunes right through Steve’s career. Steve has clearly enjoyed the shows himself and has very much appreciated the very appreciative crowds who have listened to every single note. hopefully we’ll be treated to another trio tour soon.

  5. Barbara

    We had the pleasure to see Steve in Columbus OH, as his second summer tour stop venue. He was fantastic, and the crowd, at the Ohio State Fair, was truly appreciative. I look forward to hearing more!

  6. Brien Comerford

    Dear Steve, God bless you for being inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Your amazing guitar skills have been truly integral to the musical ascension of Yes. All the respective band members of Yes also merit plaudits for their contributions to a great body of work.

  7. Matthew Pavletich

    I’ve seen you twice with Yes in my 37 years as a Yes and Howe fan. But I’d love to see one of your solo tours one day!! If you come to New Zealand at some point, that would be cool. My Wife and I travel internationally every year but never seem to be able to snyc up with some bands and artist’s tours.

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