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16 February 2020

New Album: LOVE IS

My new solo album is titled LOVE IS.

It’s an equal balance of guitar instrumentals and songs, which presents a symmetric balance of the things I do.

I perform the lead vocals, electric, acoustic & steel guitars
plus occasional keyboards, percussion and bass guitar on the instrumentals.

I’m delighted to say that Jon Davison sings harmony vocals and plays bass guitar on the songs, too. Dylan Howe drums on every track, showing his precision and forcefulness throughout.

After starting all the tracks at our own studio, Curtis Schwartz then expanded the possibilities–including recording Dylan–and developed the mixes before Simon Heyworth mastered the tunes for it’s release on the 17th April 2020 on BMG.

I look forward to sharing the album art once it’s ready.


Steve Howe
16 February 2020


9 Responses

  1. Brien Comerford

    This will be another Steve Howe musical marvel. His mastery of electric, acoustic and pedal steel have been impressive for decades. I have been blessed to see Steve perform live with Yes and Asia several times. A solo show at the Park West in Chicago over twenty years ago was astounding. He’s still in his prime perfecting his craft.

  2. Brien Comerford

    A new Steve Howe album is a treat for those of us that appreciate electric, acoustic and pedal steel guitar prowess. His playing is invariably impeccable, diverse and captivating.

  3. Simon

    I am looking forward to this, but I get the impression that the release date has been put back because of COVID 19. Is that the case?

  4. Carlton

    Dear Steve;

    I needed to tell you how grateful I am to you for all the great music you’ve made over the years – the joy of listening to which I can’t even place a price on. My best wishes to you and hoping my message finds you happy and healthy.

    Yours truly,
    Carlton Bryan

  5. Olá Steve. Seu trabalho é muito apreciado por músicos aqui do Brasil. Em especial essa fusão entre elementos do rock, country, jazz e o clássico. Especialmente o jazz eu vejo você fazendo até uma carreira paralela na busca por manifestar e sua excelência nesse difícil gênero. Você irá investir mais nessa área nesse seu trabalho?! Obrigado pela atenção e tudo de bom!

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